Sadness is poetic. And Louis C.K. is hilarious (by teamcoco)

Nerdy Love Song with Added Kitten Bonus! (by TheRealDeAnne)

Shake it out

(by capitalchoir)

First Taste (by TEDxSydney)

I find this strangely touching.


Oh, and one more treat to celebrate the end of the Cmdr. Hadfield era on the ISS as he readies for his return tomorrow.

Here he is singing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, in space.

Sad Cat Diary (by zefrank1)

Well this made me all weepy. It would be shameful for the State of California to effectively stop protecting 70 of its magnificent state parks. 

The First 70 Trailer (by Heath Hen Films)

There’s something very zen about this.